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"He has many names. The Boogeyman. Fear. But he goes by one true name. The Pyramid Head. Forged by fear and hate, he is a creation of your everlasting eternal darkness. You may not know it, but your mind is already his. Run and he will find you. Hope, and he will crush your faith. Fear, and he will make them a reality. For Silent Hill is his realm, and none escape it."

WARNING: This RP Blog has very explicit content. Ranging from rape to all out gore. The character is extremely dangerous, and may offend other people. This blog is for fun, but it can contain graphic descriptions, uneasy scenarios, and gory threads. If you are uneasy about following, please don't. Do not enter Silent Hill unless you are willing to pay the price.

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Name: Manda
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I didn’t know I warranted a place in your group of friends or this post! I have to say I’m quite flattered to see this! Haha

Ooc- Thanks for the support

Hello all, Thomas here to talk about my supposed hiatus. My grandma finally passed last week and I’ve slowly been able to start feeling better. I have muse and reason to get back on, and I hope you all will forgive me. I went on hiatus because of the depression of my grandmother being miserable, but with her pass I feel relief, because she’s out of pain.

I will be doing replies tonight. This post issues that i will be returning tonight. Thank you all for your help and support.



I know I said I was going to do replies yesterday, and I should have, but when I sat down the muse just wasn’t there. So I wrote another 30 pages for my DnD world instead. Tonight, however I will do replies. I have a ton of starters already done just not posted, but I’m still taking at least two more. If you’re interested please simply just message me! Thank you!


If you go on the ‘pyramid head’ tag and scroll a ways, there is this promotional poster for feardoesntneedaface. I am not a friend promoting, I just went on and I couldn’t believe it. This blog is terrifying. He apparently goes onto your blogs, reads your past threads, learn about your mun and muse, and then when you start a thread with him, he uses everything he learns to psychologically test and destroy the character. It’s amazing and terrifying…. I haven’t even rped with him but I love him -Anonymous

I don’t remember this existing
OOC- what I’m doing today and a message to my personal followers

So, because I am at work until 1 today, I will be not be able to do replies until at least 2. For now, I will be posting photos and following people. I will also be doing my new follower messages.

And to all those personal blogs that follow me, whether it be because I have photos you like or you enjoy my writing, I don’t know, Id like to acknowledge you. I know most people don’t like recognizing personals who follow them, but I want you to know that I feel special when personals follow me. Because you’re not a Roleplayer, and that means you aren’t doing this because of my somewhat fame or because you want to write with me. But because you like the reading. And I want to thank you. If you’re a personal blog and haven’t interacted with me, the mun not the muse, then please message me. I’d like to tell you to your face you’re deeply appreciated.

That is all!!

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