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"A place outside of time. A place of misery. A place of sorrow. A place of terror. Some are called to Silent Hill. Some go there to vacation. Some are driven there by madness, darkness, or their personal turmoil. No matter how they get there, the majority never come out. Many do not see the sign they saw entering, ever again. Welcome, roleplayers, to Silent Hill."

WARNING: This RP Blog has very explicit content. Ranging from rape to all out gore. The world I play is extremely dangerous, and may offend other people. This blog is for fun, but it can contain graphic descriptions, uneasy scenarios, and gory threads. If you are uneasy about following, please don't. Do not enter Silent Hill unless you are willing to pay the price.

Silent Hill series

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The Current Masterlist for the Silent Hill RPG

Replies will be done this afternoon and evening. I only have a few, so it isn’t going to take me as long. For those who want starters! I can provide you with starters today, all that is needed is for you to simply message me! I can get started ASAP then have them posted probably tonight.

All RPG players will be tagged, as per usual, so that they may be able to see in case they are not online. If you see anything wrong with this masterlist, please simply message me. I will get it taken care of ASAP.

Thank you all, Pyramid Head mun, Thomas.

Current RPGs (Total: 19)-

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Threads under evaluation (Total: 5)-

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