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"A place outside of time. A place of misery. A place of sorrow. A place of terror. Some are called to Silent Hill. Some go there to vacation. Some are driven there by madness, darkness, or their personal turmoil. No matter how they get there, the majority never come out. Many do not see the sign they saw entering, ever again. Welcome, roleplayers, to Silent Hill."

WARNING: This RP Blog has very explicit content. Ranging from rape to all out gore. The world I play is extremely dangerous, and may offend other people. This blog is for fun, but it can contain graphic descriptions, uneasy scenarios, and gory threads. If you are uneasy about following, please don't. Do not enter Silent Hill unless you are willing to pay the price.

Mirror, mirror by Koveck
Happy early munday! Getting it out of the way early
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Oh yeah oh yeah. A drabble for Bman and a drabble for Jason.

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A 20 paragraph reply I’ll get to EVENTUALLY after I finish eating and playing videogames and filling out paperwork for my promotion. It’s coming.


So we were watching Evangelion 3.0 and I saw this

And I was laughing because all I could see was this

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Oh rlly?
I have Destiny for the One everyone

Mainly because, for one, Live currently and has notoriously had better servers to use. Two, because Dragon Age is coming out soon and I have a 360, and in order for me to transfer my data to the Keep App coming out for Xbox, I need a One or else I needed to start ALLLLLLLL my playthroughs over again (which I am not going to do). Three, because the only games on PS4 that really peak my interest were The Order: 1886 and Silent Hills, but Silent Hills doesn’t come out till 2016 soooo I can wait on it. Fourthly, because they are literally the same hardware but different operating systems. I mean, seriously guys. I’ve played both, I’ve seen both, and they’re literally no different than the other. Fifthly, because the gaming line-up for One is honestly much more appealing to me than PS4. And finally, sixthly, which is I HAVE Xbox Live. With the One, all I need to do is transfer my information over and I have it on the One. If I got a PS4, I’d need to buy PS Plus, and that would mean I’d just be paying even more money for a PS4 than a One. To be honest, I’m pretty sure number six is the main reason people stuck with Microsoft or Sony to begin with.

Either way, if you have Destiny, and have a One, and you like me, give me a shout.